Post Accident Rehabilitation

Motor Vehicle Accidents or any other types of severe collisions often result in serious injuries. These wounds vary from minor bruises and scrape to critical injuries. In case you are experiencing dizziness, vomiting tendency, insomnia, and more symptoms like this, you need physiotherapy rehabilitation. Post-accident rehabilitation is a great way to recover from trauma and injuries.

Generally, rehabilitations are of two types: cognitive and physical. Depending on what you require, trained practitioners at Prana Physiotherapy will design a specific rehabilitation plan for patients in New Westminster. Our therapies are typically patient-centric. First, we try to identify the source and symptoms of your problem, and then we suggest suitable exercises and stretches or some profound rehabilitation based on your condition.

Rehabilitation After Traumatic Injuries

Any orthopaedic surgical procedure requires precise physiotherapy rehabiliation in order to maximise the outcome. It is important in the lead-up to many surgical procedures, to maximize your strength and condition pre-operatively. It is also a vital part of your post-operative rehabilitation.

Why Choose Us

Highly-Trained Physiotherapists

We have an integrated team of physiotherapists to manage all types of post-accident injuries and shock. Their experience and expertise help us to deliver the best evidence-based treatment.

Patient-centric Rehabilitation Plans

For your complete trauma and pain relief, we provide patient-centric rehabilitation. We first thoroughly understand the problem and its source before designing the treatment plan for you.

Approved For ICBC/WCB

We have the facility for ICBC/WCB. Patients can get up to 25 cashless physiotherapy treatments or six weeks of free rehabilitation on having approved ICBC, and WCB claims, respectively.

Conditions That Can Be Cured With Post Accident Rehabilitation

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Neck injuries such as whiplash
  • Collarbone and rib injuries
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Psychological injuries

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